About Us

Mums. Aren't. Boring.

Their clothes shouldn't be either. Mum's are hot!

hotMaMa was started to provide mums with the stylish breastfeeding clothes they deserve, featuring exciting prints and modern shapes to set them apart from the current nursing options. Parenthood can make so many mums feel like they have lost their sparkle or individual identity. Our bodies have been through a huge journey through pregnancy, birth and the start of motherhood: the hardest job we will ever do! So we deserve to have the opportunity to wear clothes that make us feel special if we choose to breastfeed, and that enable us to breastfeeding easily.

I'm a full time mum for my two little boys and run hotMaMa from my home in Cambridgeshire. I knew I wanted to breastfeed my son before he was born and once he arrived I encountered frustration at every turn. From my son being premature and my milk not coming in straight away, to endless topping up sessions with expressed milk along with an episode of mastitis and countless blocked ducts, I found that my clothing was also an unexpected challenge. To me, most of the current market for breastfeeding clothes felt dull or mumsy, often still aimed at heavily pregnant women and which I would have never ordinarily glanced twice at, so why should I be forced to wear them now?  So I went back to my A Level textile days and started designing things I wanted to wear and hotMaMa was born! Everything you see has been designed by me and made by professional seamstresses.  As the brand has grown I'm increasingly asking you ladies out there what you want to see from hotMaMa and incorporating your ideas into new designs too!