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What is Teething Jewellery?

Teething jewellery is the new must-have accessory for ALL Mamas! For breastfeeding and baby wearing Mums, these necklaces save all of the skin scratching and hair pulling which is normally just a part of the job. They are also invaluable during the tough teething period, offering a safe and tactile silicone bead for little ones to chew away on and sparing all of Mum’s more delicate and expensive jewellery which is irresistible but dangerous to a baby. They make great sensory aids during feeding times as they help baby with hand eye coordination and keep focus on Mums chest and they work as a great distraction to simple boredom. They’ll become a staple item in any Mums change bag and are also handy on long flights or journeys.


The breakaway clasps offer added safety, simply popping apart when little hands tug too hard to avoid strains on Mums neck. All necklaces are made to a standard 29 inches; this hangs low on your chest making it easy for little ones to grab and play with the beads, which are approximately 1.5cm across. 


Our beads and necklaces have been independently tested by an approved UK lab to ensure they meet European Safety Standard EN71 parts 1,2 and 3, so you can be sure you’re buying only the best for your little ones. 


These necklaces make great gifts too, perfect for birthdays, new mum gifts, baby showers or any special occasions. 






What You Need To Know About Teething Jewellery

Silicone necklaces are designed to help aid teething troubles for little ones, but it is vital to note that they are not toys. They are designed as adult jewellery items and should only ever be enjoyed whilst firmly secured around an adults neck. The necklace should never be worn by a child and you should never give your child the necklace to play with or leave them alone with it as it poses a choking/strangulation risk. Your little ones safety is always the most important thing and the wearer must assume full responsibility for its use.

The cord and clasp are not designed to be chewed on or put in a child’s mouth.

Check the beads, cord and clasp regularly for any damage and sto use immediately should this occur. Clean the necklace before its first use and regularly after each wear using warm soapy water or disinfectant wipes.

European Safety Standard EN71, parts 1-3, is a set of regulations relating to toy safety including toxicity, flammability and physical properties. Although our necklaces are NOT TOYS, we have had them tested to the relevant parts of this standard because they will be interacted with closely by babies. This does not, however, make them safe as toys and as such a teething necklace should never be given to a baby or child to play with because of the long cord and the risk of choking.

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