About Us

Hi I'm Sophie!

I'm a full time mum to three children and run hotMaMa from my home in Cambridgeshire. I knew I wanted to breastfeed my first son before he was born and once he arrived I encountered frustration at every turn: A premature baby with difficulty feeding, endless topping up sessions with expressed milk, mastitis and countless blocked ducts.  I also found that finding breastfeeding friendly clothing was also an unexpected challenge. I had been so excited to get back to my pre-pregnancy wardrobe but so much was either difficult or impossible to breastfeed in!  I found the current market for breastfeeding clothes felt dull or mumsy, often still aimed at heavily pregnant women.  So I went back to my A Level textile days and started designing things I wanted to wear and hotMaMa was born! I now work with another mum run manufacturing business to print fabric and professionally make the garments you purchase.  This makes sure you get great quality clothes at an affortable price!  As the brand has grown I'm increasingly asking you ladies out there what you want to see from hotMaMa so it really is a business that works for and with mums at every step!


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