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  1. Who knew there were so many different positions for breastfeeding? Proper positioning is essential in helping your newborn latch on the right way, as well as preventing nipple soreness and other breastfeeding problems. With some trial-and-error, you'll find the breastfeeding position that works best for you, have you tried these?

    The cradle hold
    The classic breastfeeding position! You might find it useful to have baby propped on pillows especially when they're little. This helps you to sit more comfortably and prevents you from hunching over whole breastfeeding which can be tiring for the next and shoulders. Support the baby with the arm on the SAME side you are feeding on. Make sure baby's entire body turns toward you. His or her pelvis should be up against your abdomen, their chest against your chest, and their mouth lined up with your nipple. Bring your baby's mouth to the nipple (rather than the nipple to his mouth) without making him or her turn their head to the side. It is important for your baby's head to be aligned with the rest of his body instead of turned off to the side. 
    The cross-cradle hold
    A variation on the cradle hold, the cross-cradle or crossover hold involves the same positioning as above, the only major difference is that you support your baby on the arm OPPOSITE the breast being used. In this position, your hand supports your baby's neck and upper back, rather than his bottom, and his bottom rests either in the crook of your arm or on the pillow on your lap. Again, rotate your baby's body so it faces you and his mouth is lined up with your nipple. This is a good position for a baby who has difficulty latching on, because you can more easily guide his head into a better position by holding the back of his neck between your thumb and fingers. You may use your hand to support the breast while helping your baby to latch.
    The laid-back position
    Laid-back breastfeeding positioning takes advantage of the biologic responses that occur when the baby is skin-to-skin with the mother in a prone position. This position is said to be useful for mothers who have an overactive let-down reflex or an overabundant milk supply. Lie on your side and face your baby toward your breast, supporting him or her with one hand. With the other hand, grasp your breast and touch your nipple to your baby's lips. Once your baby latches on, use one arm to support your own head and the other to help support your baby and bring him or her close.
    The rugby ball hold AKA the side-sitting position, football hold, clutch hold
    Many breastfeeding women find that the side-sitting hold, also known as a clutch hold or football hold, is an easier position to maintain.  It's also great if you're recovering from a C-section as the baby is away from your tummy.  It may also be useful for mothers of twins since one baby can nurse on each side.   In this hold, your baby is held similarly to how you would hold a handbag clutched under your arm or a football clutched close to your body.
    To feed your baby in this position, place him or her beside you—on the side of the breast you will use—with baby's head near your breast. Tuck baby's body up against your side, under your arm. Your forearm should support baby's upper back, and your hand and fingers should support his or her shoulders, neck, and head. Your baby's legs will stretch out straight behind you or, if you are in a chair, you can rest their bottom against the back of the chair and angle their legs straight up. Finally, place a pillow under your elbow for support, keep your baby's head level with your breast.
    Reclining or lying down
    You may find that feeding your baby in a reclining position, rather than sitting, allows for some much needed relaxation. Nursing while lying down helps particularly if you have had a cesarean delivery or otherwise feel tired or unwell in the days post birth. Lie on your side with one or more pillows behind your back and under your head for support. (A pillow placed between your knees may make you more comfortable.) Keep your back and hips in as straight a line as possible. Hold your baby closely on his or her side, facing you with your arm around your baby. You may use your hand to support the breast while helping the baby to latch.
    An advantage of this position is you don't have to get up to reposition your baby on your other breast. Simply place a pillow under them to elevate until they are parallel with your upper breast and lean over farther to bring the upper breast to your baby. 
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  2. Breastfeeding clothes

    Your first breastfeed outside your own home can feel scary. What can you do to make it a little less daunting?

    Go somewhere you are familiar with

    There's so much more to think about now you have a little one like if there's space for a pram of if a baby carrier would be better or if there is a baby change is. All things you don't want to be stressing about with a hungry baby.

    Make sure you can sit down comfortably

    Perching precriously on the edge of a wall or having to stand is no good. You'll be uncomfortable and it will have you rushing for the feed to be over. Make sure you can relax so your little one can have time to fill that little tummy and make it a positive experience. Cafes are great at having comfortable chairs for breastfeeding.

    Get your clothing right!

    You don't want to feel flustered trying to get your boob out, dealing with excessive complicated layers. One of our specially designed breastfeeding tops or dresses will make feeding access a breaze even with just one hand.

    Allow enough time

    Again, you don't want to feel rushed and you want to make sure your baby is not overly hungry before you're actually positioned and ready to feed. 

    Take a friend

    Arrange to meet or go with a friend  one with another baby is a bonus.  It's always nice to have someone to talk to and if you're with someone you're comfortable with you'll feel more at ease feeding.

    Have a drink with you or get one Breastfeeding is thirsty work mama! 

    Wear breast pads, just incase you leak! 

    Last of all, don't worry! Remember that breastfeeding your baby is normal and once you start thinking about it you'll probably spot lots of breastfeeding mamas out and about feeding that you just wouldn't have spotted before. Relax, sit back and enjoy!

    Breastfeeding vest
    Vests are such a staple in any wardrobe, regardless of whether you're breastfeeding. We've taken a classic black breastfeeding vest and shown you four different ways you can wear it - day or night!
    #1 Casual 
    Perfect for baby and toddler groups out black vest and jeans combo makes for a failsafe casual style that's breastfeeding friendly. Thrown on some trainers and a silicone fiddle necklace for a splash of colour and you're good to go. Add a chunky knit for winter and it makes an all year round breastfeeding wardrobe staple.
    Breastfeeding vest - styling idea 1
    #2 Dressed Up
    Special occasion? KIT day at work? Date night? 
    A staple classic like a black vest is easy to dress up with smart trousers, heels and a statement bag but still makes last minute breastfeeds or pumping on the go possible. If you're baby free you can even ditch the nappy bag in favour of a swanky handbag and statement earrings. 
    Breastfeeding vest - style idea 2
    #3 Workout
    Perfect for workouts like yoga pair your vest with jogging bottoms. Perfect even when you've finished feeding!
    Breastfeeding vest - styling idea 3
    #4 Pyjamas
    Who says your breastfeeding vest is just for daytime? Your vests make great pyjamas and give you a little extra warmth on the chest during night feeds (eyemask optional!)
    Breastfeeding vest - styling idea 4, breastfeeding pyjamas
  4. Copy of Copy of Copy of BOOBS Theyre pretty important.....
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    We're a small family business but looking to add to our team! We would love brand reps who can work with us from now until the the end of June 2022 
    What you'll get
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    What we need from you
    🌟 A genuine love for our products
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  5. Breastfeeding hoodie

    Welcome to our brand new breastfeeding hoodie, our first new priduct of 2022 in our breastfeeding clothes range! 

    I really hope your like this little number, just like our other jumpers it is of course machine washable and made of a gorgeous warm fabric with a fleecy inside which is always commented on with our MAMA jumpers and cowl neck jumpers..  It's perfect for discreet feeding with two vertical zips on each side to allow for easy access. If you want to be extra discreet once baby is latched on the zip can be zipped down as much as you like to make sure you feel comfortable, confident and let's not forget warm during the feed!  (In the early days of breastfeeding I spent a lot of time feeding my little ones wherever and whenever they needed feeding and that often meant stopping on a park bench whatever the weather so I know that in this January weather warmth is sooooo important!

    Breastfeeding hoodie 1

    The cuffed sleeves and waist will keep you extra warm too with no draughts drifting inside and they help give this gorgeous casual number a beautiful relaxed fit, perfect for a postpartum body.  Finally, no breastfeeding hoodie is complete without the front hand pouch and a snuggly hood At the moment our hoodie is available in a classic black to begin with but hopefully it will be availble in other colours too. and as always any order will be posted out to you in plastic free and fully recyclable packaging.  I hope there's nothing I've missed but just to say, I hope you love it as much as I do!

    Breastfeeding Hoodie Size Tip!  Like your winter jumpers extra roomy? Our mums recommend you select the next size up if you're unsure.

    Approximately 72cm length depending on size (see size guide below)


    Size Guide:



    Bust:80 - 90cm (31-35 1/2"), shoulder to sleeve length: 70cm, garment length: 68cm

    Approximately UK Size 8 - 10



    Bust:88- 96cm (34.6-37.7") , shoulder to sleeve: 72cm, garment length: 70cm

    Approximately UK Size 12 - 14


    Bust:94- 102cm (37"-,40") shoulder to sleeve: 74cm, garment length: 72cm

    Approximately UK Size 14 - 16


    Bust:100- 108cm (39.3"-42.5"), Shoulder to Sleeve: 76cm, length: 74cm

    Approximately UK Size 16-18



    Bust:106- 116cm (41.7"- 44.8"),Shoulder to Sleeve: 78cm, length: 76cm

    Approximately UK Size 18-20


    Breastfeeding sweater and hoodie

  6. Plastic free packaging..'

    There’s a lot of plastic pollution in the environment – and that’s not okay. So I'm completely rethinking the role of plastic in this little breastfeeding clothing business.

    Plastic is valuable to our society. For many years it has helpsled me get products to you safely, cheaply and efficiently. Yet far too much plastic ends up in our environment. Global research has shown the flow of plastic into the ocean each year could triple by 2040. This has to stop.

    So the approach to packaging is changing here. It's been a long process of  research and trial and error.  I spend a lot of time looking at things like compostable mailers and bags, only to discover that although they were branded as compostable you actually needed an industrial style composter rather than your average household compost heap. Things like this felt like they were paying lip-service to being green.  A nice idea but not really much better than plastic if at all.   A lot of the eco alternatives are also more expensive, so it's a big commitment for a small business like mine, but one which I think is worthwhile and something that I feel is morally the right choice.

    So, just over a year ago our plastic mailers were replaced with paper mailers and now we've reviewed our entire business to significantly reduce or remove plastic at every stage from manufacture, transport, storage and postage to you. A big step has been removing our individual garment polybags from out entire business process. We've worked with our mum-run manufacturer to seek alternative ways to transport our garments safely. From now on all of our orders sent out to you will be completely plastic free. 

    To ensure your products arrive to you safely I've been trialing this with UK orders to specific customers recently and we've had good feedback so it's being rolled out to every order now.  So, whether your order comes in a bag or a box our promise to you for 2022 is that there will be absolutely no plastic packaging with your order and every little bit of it can be recycled with your normal household recycling (or if your little ones are anything like mine can be used for junk modelling nd drawing!