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  1. Brand Reps

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    hotMaMa breastfeeding clothes


    Would you like to join our family? 

    hotMaMa is a small family business but we're looking to add to our team! We would love breastfeeding mums just like yout to become brand reps who can work with us from now until January 31st 2023 ðŸŒˆ

    What you'll get
    🌟A substantial personal discount code, perfect if you're looking to buy for yourself or get started with your Christmas shopping!
    🌟A discount code for you to pass on to friends and family

    What we need from you
    🌟 A genuine love for our products, particularly our range of breastfeeding clothes
    🌟A willingness to support us and engage with us on social media (by liking and/or commenting on our posts)
    🌟To take clear photographs of yourself wearing our products and share these on your social media regularly
    🌟To allow us to use your photos for our website, social media and marketing

    Drop us an email to [email protected]
    Let us know your social media handles and why you'd like to work with us.  The number of followers you have is not important, we want to work with people who are genuinely interested in supporting a small family business and can take good quality photos. 

    Applications will close on Friday the 4th November and successful applicants will be contacted and announced shortly after.

    Public accounts only
    Brand Reps and discount codes will run to the end of January 2023
    Please only apply if you are not already an ambassador or rep for a similar companies
    Entries must be 18 years of age or older.

  2. Why breastfeeding clothes?

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    Why breastfeeding clothes?
    Breastfeeding your baby wherever and whenever is a right and a freedom that no one can deprive you of. However, you must also have the freedom to choose how do it whether that may be popping a boob out in the middle of a busy supermarket or in a quiet corner.  Many mums feel more comfortable breastfeeding in clothes where they can feed discreetly, perhaps because they feel more secure or perhaps just because it's warmer having something over your chest! Breastfeeding can be a hard journey and sometimes making it a little easier on yourself can be the difference between continuing to breastfeed or not. Or perhaps even the difference between breastfeeding confidently in public or not. So many mums have found that wearing specific breastfeeding clothes can help make breastfeeding easier, more comfortable and quicker.  As we come into autumn and winter months we're wearing more and layering up.  Fussing with lots of layers to get breastfeeding access can be frustrating and tiresome, especially if you end up spending a whole feed holding your clothes out of the way for baby or even taking ages to find your boob to give baby access under multiple layers whilst jostling a hungry baby. Specific feeding clothes like ours have been purposefully designed to make the process of latching on and breastfeeding so much easier and for you and for your baby to give you one less thing to worry about.  Lots of our customers are say that wearing clothes with quick access to whip about a boob wherever and whenever has really boosted their confidence especially in the early days of a breastfeeding journey where mums are coping with a whole host of other post partum changes. No, you don't need a whole new wardrobe to breastfeed in (although it you want that, that's cool too!) However, integrating a few key pieces into it to support your breastfeeding journey can really help:
    A basic breastfeeding vest is a classic and can be paired with dungarees, or worn under a shirt or cardi for the ultimate fast food access for your baby. Our vests are the ultimate multi use product too as our mums love wearing them as pyjama tops to keep the chill off during night feeds and even when running or doing yoga for that fast feed access pre or post workout.
    A snuggly jumper makes winter feeds on the go comfortable, quick and easy for both you and baby. 
    Perhaps you loved a dress pre baby but your finding that unless you're confident lifting a whole boob over the neckline of your dress, and hey, not everyone has big enough boobs to do that, then a breastfeeding specific dress is for you!  
  3. Breastfeeding and hot weather

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    Breastfeeding and hot weather


    It's so lovely to enjoy a bit of sunshine and just like adults and older children babies need to stay hydrated!  Here are some top tips for you and your breastfed baby: 

    • During hot weather your baby may want to breastfeed more than usual, this is totally normal and part of your baby naturally upping their fluid intake for the hot weather.  Your mammary glands will actually start to produce milk with a higher water content in hot weather to keep your baby more hydrated. 

    • Sometimes the feeds may be more frequent and shorter as they need lots of little drinks in the heat. 

    • Keep yourself comfortable when feeding.  When everyone is feeling the heat the last thing you want to do is snuggle up together so make sure you stay cool by seeking the shade and staying well hydrated yourself.  Make sure you have water on hand when you sit down to feed and have a bottle with you if you head out. 

    • A towel, pillowcase, or cloth nappy placed between your baby and your arm and body can be helpful to feel less clammy and sweaty when feeding and experimenting with different positions like the rugby ball hold can help too. 

    • Exclusively breastfed babies don't need any additional water until they start eating solid foods at around six months.  From six months onwards you can start to offer them a little water but their main fluid intake will still come from breastmilk. 

    • Increased breastfeeds and hot weather can be intense and draining on you, make sure to be kind to yourself and get plenty of rest in the hot weather. 

    • If you're ever worried about your baby remember you can always seek professional advice from your health visitor or GP. 


    Sources (NHS online, Medela, Australian Breastfeeding Association 

  4. Summer collection - Breastfeeding clothes for your summer wardrobe!

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    breastfeeding clothes - summer collection
    I'm usually really organised when it comes to planning, designing and getting the ball rolling on production when it comes to new products. This year I've ended up leaving things a bit later, I'm not really sure why really perhaps it's that with covid restrictions lifting this year we've been able to take some more much needed quality family time? Or perhaps I'm just becoming a bit more laid back! Coupled with that along with a more complex process with initial samples going back and forth between myself and my manufacturer several times it's taken longer than usual to get new summer collection on the website. But a long last it's here! Some items are available in the full size range, some are very limited edition and in limited sizes but there are some gorgeous additions for your breastfeeding wardrobe!
    Breastfeeding occasion wear
    Dress up for a special occasion be it a wedding, christening or day at the races or dress down for every day wear! Our zip access ruffle breastfeeding dresses make stylish breastfeeding easy. 
    • Zip access for breastfeeding carefully concealed under the front ruffle, you'll wear this dress long after you finish feeding!
    • Lightweight fabric, perfect for summer

    • Adjustable straps
    • Machine washable polyester

    • Midi length (approximately 112cm from shoulder seam to hem)

    Black Breastfeeding Maxi 1
    Blue maxi Breastfeeding Dress
    Add a splash of colour to your breastfeeding wardrobe with our two sunshine inspired newbies. You can't fail to feel happy and summmery when wearing these!
    Orange Leopard T-Shirt
    Orange Leopard Breastfeeding Top
    • Short sleeved breastfeeding and nursing top
    • Bright leopard print 
    • Easy empire line access for breastfeeding without leaving you feeling exposed. 
    • V-Style underlayer for breastfeeding access
    • Soft fabric with a lots of stretch.
    • Machine washable
    • 95% polyester 5% Elastane



    Sunshine Yellow Breastfeeding Vest

    Yellow Breastfeeding Vest


    Our basic nursing vest is back in a bright colour perfect for summer.  Our vests are much loved by mums and are a must have for your breastfeeding wardrobe: Perfect for a simple classic look or wearing with your pre pregnancy wardrobe to make breastfeeding easy and discrete! 

    • Classic vest style in a bright summery colour

    • Fitted yet stretchy

    • Easy empire line access for breastfeeding without leaving you feeling exposed

    • Vest style underlayer to be pulled down to feed
    • Machine washable

    • Length appriximately 74cm depending on size, see size guide below

    • 95% Cotton 5% Elastane



    Black Breastfeeding T-shirt


    Breastfeeding T-shirt


    • Short sleeved breastfeeding and nursing top
    • Classic black colour
    • Easy zip access for breastfeeding. hidden within the garment seam
    • Machine washable
    • 95% cotton 5% Elastane


  5. One breastfeeding vest, four looks

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    Breastfeeding vest
    Vests are such a staple in any wardrobe, regardless of whether you're breastfeeding. We've taken a classic black breastfeeding vest and shown you four different ways you can wear it - day or night!
    #1 Casual 
    Perfect for baby and toddler groups out black vest and jeans combo makes for a failsafe casual style that's breastfeeding friendly. Thrown on some trainers and a silicone fiddle necklace for a splash of colour and you're good to go. Add a chunky knit for winter and it makes an all year round breastfeeding wardrobe staple.
    Breastfeeding vest - styling idea 1
    #2 Dressed Up
    Special occasion? KIT day at work? Date night? 
    A staple classic like a black vest is easy to dress up with smart trousers, heels and a statement bag but still makes last minute breastfeeds or pumping on the go possible. If you're baby free you can even ditch the nappy bag in favour of a swanky handbag and statement earrings. 
    Breastfeeding vest - style idea 2
    #3 Workout
    Perfect for workouts like yoga pair your vest with jogging bottoms. Perfect even when you've finished feeding!
    Breastfeeding vest - styling idea 3
    #4 Pyjamas
    Who says your breastfeeding vest is just for daytime? Your vests make great pyjamas and give you a little extra warmth on the chest during night feeds (eyemask optional!)
    Breastfeeding vest - styling idea 4, breastfeeding pyjamas
  6. Breastfeeding Hoodies

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    Breastfeeding hoodie

    Welcome to our brand new breastfeeding hoodie, our first new priduct of 2022 in our breastfeeding clothes range! 

    I really hope your like this little number, just like our other jumpers it is of course machine washable and made of a gorgeous warm fabric with a fleecy inside which is always commented on with our MAMA jumpers and cowl neck jumpers..  It's perfect for discreet feeding with two vertical zips on each side to allow for easy access. If you want to be extra discreet once baby is latched on the zip can be zipped down as much as you like to make sure you feel comfortable, confident and let's not forget warm during the feed!  (In the early days of breastfeeding I spent a lot of time feeding my little ones wherever and whenever they needed feeding and that often meant stopping on a park bench whatever the weather so I know that in this January weather warmth is sooooo important!

    Breastfeeding hoodie 1

    The cuffed sleeves and waist will keep you extra warm too with no draughts drifting inside and they help give this gorgeous casual number a beautiful relaxed fit, perfect for a postpartum body.  Finally, no breastfeeding hoodie is complete without the front hand pouch and a snuggly hood At the moment our hoodie is available in a classic black to begin with but hopefully it will be availble in other colours too. and as always any order will be posted out to you in plastic free and fully recyclable packaging.  I hope there's nothing I've missed but just to say, I hope you love it as much as I do!

    Breastfeeding Hoodie Size Tip!  Like your winter jumpers extra roomy? Our mums recommend you select the next size up if you're unsure.

    Approximately 72cm length depending on size (see size guide below)


    Size Guide:



    Bust:80 - 90cm (31-35 1/2"), shoulder to sleeve length: 70cm, garment length: 68cm

    Approximately UK Size 8 - 10



    Bust:88- 96cm (34.6-37.7") , shoulder to sleeve: 72cm, garment length: 70cm

    Approximately UK Size 12 - 14


    Bust:94- 102cm (37"-,40") shoulder to sleeve: 74cm, garment length: 72cm

    Approximately UK Size 14 - 16


    Bust:100- 108cm (39.3"-42.5"), Shoulder to Sleeve: 76cm, length: 74cm

    Approximately UK Size 16-18



    Bust:106- 116cm (41.7"- 44.8"),Shoulder to Sleeve: 78cm, length: 76cm

    Approximately UK Size 18-20


    Breastfeeding sweater and hoodie