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  1. Teething and Fiddle necklaces

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    Parenting Blog


    Silicone teething accessories such as necklaces are a major trend right now and it's no wonder, they're the perfect blend of style and practicality for mums who miss their pre baby accessories and are desperate for something (ANYTHING!) to help little one's sore gums and restless hands. We stock a beautiful range from Hexnex.  Here's a quick lowdown on their benefits:

    Safety first 

    All silicone beads supplied by Hexnex are:

    - BPA Free

    - Phthalates Free

    - Lead Free

    - Latex Cadmium Free

    - Free of All Other Toxic Materials

    - Made of 100% Food Grade Silicone

    - Easy to Wipe Clean and Fridge Safe

    In a nutshell silicone necklaces are made of the same materials that a baby bottle is.  It is hypoallergenic, hygienic and resistant to bacteria.  The breakaway clasps offer added safety,  simply popping apart when little hands tug too hard to avoid strains on Mums neck. 

    Fiddle Necklace

    A teething necessity

    Some of the first signs of teething include:

    • Crying and Irritability. 
    • Excessive Drooling 
    • Biting - The pressure the pain creates from a soon-to-erupt tooth can be relieved by applying counterpressure. Instinctively, teething babies will look for things to bite down on to get that counterpressure and relieve their discomfort. You may notice your little one biting anything they can get their hands on.

    Teething necklaces can be the perfect answer for little ones starting to search for something to bite, they offer a safe and tactile silicone bead for little ones to chew away on and sparing all of Mum’s more delicate and expensive jewellery which is irresistible but dangerous to a baby.  Also since the mum wears the necklace and not the baby, the child will be making eye contact with the mum more often whilst using the teether. 

    Keep little hands busy

    Have you found your little ones hands are constantly flying about, scratching , pulling your hair and generally fiddling when breastfeeding?  This is completely normal but can be incredibly frustrating for you.  Baby safe silicone necklaces are a great, safe way to keep those busy hands distracted.   In addition this action can help develop and  improve fine motor skills, spatial awareness, and grip strength.


    Teething and fiddle necklaces come in so many colours, styles and patterns you can have one for every outfit or day of the week, see our full selection here

    Untitled-2 lightened

  2. Behind the scenes - What's new?

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    Thanks so much to everyone who registered their interest in becoming Brand Ambassadors for us. These are all mums who already love our little brand and are happy to share some gorgeous photos of themselves wearing hotmama clothes. We've chosen some fab mums to team up with, keep an eye on our social media for some photos of them popping up there.

    As a family we've been busy with half term and celebrating Halloween but as a business we've started thinking ahead to Christmas and beyond. Firstly Christmas:  I've added a link to last posting dates for pre Christmas delivery on our menu but if you're eyeing up any gifts there's no time like the present to order especially with Covid impacting post in lots of areas - our gift vouchers and fab collection of Hexnex necklaces make great stocking fillers! I'm working on some new items for Spring too at the moment, it's tricky to think of spring clothes and weather when I feel like we're just getting into autumn weather but I do love planning a bit of planning and creating!

    Last but not least after a little while in the works some of you may have spotted that we're trialling some new postal packaging. In place of our usual polymailer bags we've been trialling these brown paper mailers. They're incredibly robust and they have a water resistant composition, obviously something that was incredibly important to ensure our products reach you in tip top condition!
    Not only that but they are:
    - Fully recyclable
    - Sustainably sourced  
    - Manufactured in the UK
    All being well we will be gradually moving over to these for all orders once our existing mailer stocks have run out!

  3. We need to add to our team!

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    Breastfeeding clothes brand rep
    Would you like to join our family? 

    We're a small family business but looking to add to our team! We would love a brand rep or two who can work with us from now until the end of the year 

    What you'll get
    -A substantial personal discount code
    -A discount code for friends and family

    What we need from you
    -A genuine love for our products
    -A willingness to support us on social media
    -To take clear photographs of yourself wearing our products and share these on your social media regularly
    -To allow us to use your photos for our website, social media and marketing

    How to enter
    Head over to our Facebook or Instagram page
    ***Like and comment on our Brand Rep post***


    Applications will close on Friday the 16th October and successful applicants will be contacted and announced in social media shortly after. I look forward to seeing your entries!

    Public accounts only
    Brand Reps will run to the end of 2020 season
    Please only apply if you are not already an ambassador for a similar companies
    Entries must be 18 years of age or older.