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Why breastfeeding clothes?

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Why breastfeeding clothes?
Breastfeeding your baby wherever and whenever is a right and a freedom that no one can deprive you of. However, you must also have the freedom to choose how do it whether that may be popping a boob out in the middle of a busy supermarket or in a quiet corner.  Many mums feel more comfortable breastfeeding in clothes where they can feed discreetly, perhaps because they feel more secure or perhaps just because it's warmer having something over your chest! Breastfeeding can be a hard journey and sometimes making it a little easier on yourself can be the difference between continuing to breastfeed or not. Or perhaps even the difference between breastfeeding confidently in public or not. So many mums have found that wearing specific breastfeeding clothes can help make breastfeeding easier, more comfortable and quicker.  As we come into autumn and winter months we're wearing more and layering up.  Fussing with lots of layers to get breastfeeding access can be frustrating and tiresome, especially if you end up spending a whole feed holding your clothes out of the way for baby or even taking ages to find your boob to give baby access under multiple layers whilst jostling a hungry baby. Specific feeding clothes like ours have been purposefully designed to make the process of latching on and breastfeeding so much easier and for you and for your baby to give you one less thing to worry about.  Lots of our customers are say that wearing clothes with quick access to whip about a boob wherever and whenever has really boosted their confidence especially in the early days of a breastfeeding journey where mums are coping with a whole host of other post partum changes. No, you don't need a whole new wardrobe to breastfeed in (although it you want that, that's cool too!) However, integrating a few key pieces into it to support your breastfeeding journey can really help:
A basic breastfeeding vest is a classic and can be paired with dungarees, or worn under a shirt or cardi for the ultimate fast food access for your baby. Our vests are the ultimate multi use product too as our mums love wearing them as pyjama tops to keep the chill off during night feeds and even when running or doing yoga for that fast feed access pre or post workout.
A snuggly jumper makes winter feeds on the go comfortable, quick and easy for both you and baby. 
Perhaps you loved a dress pre baby but your finding that unless you're confident lifting a whole boob over the neckline of your dress, and hey, not everyone has big enough boobs to do that, then a breastfeeding specific dress is for you!  

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