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Newborn milestones

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While milestones can be a useful guide for what to expect during the first year, every baby is completely different so they're not an exhaustive list of what "should" be happening for your baby at specific times. They can be helpful to know roughly what to expect and when and remember you can always chat to your health visitor, childrens' center or GP if you're concerned.  Milestones often take the form of physical milestones as well as cognitive and social milestones.

1 Month:
- Responds to sound
- Can briefly lift head, often to help find a breast to latch on and feed
- Can recognise your voice

2 Months:
- Begins to smile
- Can follow a moving object with their eyes
- Can make cooing sounds

3 Months:
- Can hold head up for longer periods
- Has discovered their hands and can grasp and shake toys
- Begins babbling

4 Months:
- Some babies may start to roll over, although this can come later for other babies too
- Begins putting hands in mouth
- Begins to laugh

5 Months:
- Can sit with support
- Begins to show object permanence
- Begins to imitate sounds

6 Months:
- Can sit without support
- Begins teething
- Begins to recognize faces

7 Months:
- Begins to crawl
- Can pass objects from one hand to the other
- Begins to understand "no"

8 Months:
- Begins pulling themselves up to stand
- Starts to develop separation anxiety
- Can say simple words like "mama" or "dada"

9 Months:
- Begins to "cruise" along furniture
- Understands object permanence
- Begins to point at objects

10 Months:
- Can walk with support
- Begins to develop pincer grasp
- Starts to wave goodbye

11 Months:
- Starts to stand unassisted
- Begins to develop sense of humor
- Begins to understand cause and effect

12 Months:
- May begin taking a few steps unaided
- Begins to use simple gestures like waving
- Starts to say simple phrases like "bye-bye"


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