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    Breastfeeding is hard.  There's not reason to go it alone, if you're feeling stressed, overwhelmed or just have a few queries there are loads of places you can go to get some support:

    Association of Breastfeeding Mothers

    Tel: 0300 330 5453

    Voluntary mum-to-mum support, counselling and information for breastfeeding women.

    Association of Tongue-tie Practitioners

    Find an NHS or private health professionals specialising in tongue-tie.

    Baby Cafe

    Coordinates a network of breastfeeding drop-in centres and other support services.

    Baby Milk Action

    Campaigns for the ethical marketing of breastmilk substitutes.

    Best Beginnings

    Offers information and support to help every baby in the UK have the healthiest possible start in life.

    Biological Nurturing (laid back breastfeeding)


    Information and resources to support laid-back breastfeeding, a positionthat helps to tap into babies' natural feeding reflexes.


    Tel: 0808 8801 0322

    Emotional and practical advice for parents of babies born sick or premature.

    Breastfeeding Network

    Tel: 0300 100 0212

    Independent source of support and information for breastfeeding women, and those involved in their care. 

    Lactation Consultants of Great Britain

    The professional association for qualified lactation consultants. Members of the association provide advice, support and consultations on breastfeeding in the UK.

    La Leche League

    Tel: 0345 120 2918 

    Counselling, advice and information on breastfeeding, plus local group meetings.

    Maternity Action

    Tel: 0845 600 85 33

    Provides information about breastfeeding and working.

    National Breastfeeding Helpline

    Tel: 0300 100 0212

    Staffed by trained volunteer mums from the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers and the Breastfeeding Network. Support via online chat and phone. Lines are open 9.30am to 9.30pm, every day. Also offers information on breastfeeding, one-to-one local support, and information about drugs and breastmilk.


    Tel: 0300 330 0700 (Option 1)

    Information on feeding your baby. Offers trained breastfeeding counsellors for individual advice and support.

    UK Association for Milk Banking

    Supports human milk banking in the UK to provide safe and screened donor breastmilk for babies who are premature or unwell.

    UNICEF UK Baby Friendly Initiative

    Works with the health services to enable and support parents to make informed choices about how they feed and care for their babies. Provides information and advice on the benefits of breastfeeding.

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    World Breastfeeding Week is celebrated every year from 1 to 7 August all over the globe to encourage breastfeeding and improve the health of babies around the world. 

    It's been great to see so much going on all over social media to support WBW19.  Just in case you wanted a bit more information we've covered it in this month's blog post.


    "Empower Parents. Enable Breastfeeding."

    The theme for 2019 World Breastfeeding Week (WBW) is - Empower Parents. Enable Breastfeeding. ILCA is partnering with organizations around the globe - including United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), World Health Organization (WHO), International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN), La Leche League International (LLLI), The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine (ABM), Wellstart International, the Global Goals, and the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA) - to promote the role that breastfeeding plays in valuing our wellbeing.

    Breastfeeding is a universal solution that levels the playing field, giving everyone a fair start in life.
    It improves the health, wellbeing and survival of women and children around the world.