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Plastic Free Promise

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Plastic free packaging..'

There’s a lot of plastic pollution in the environment – and that’s not okay. So I'm completely rethinking the role of plastic in this little breastfeeding clothing business.

Plastic is valuable to our society. For many years it has helpsled me get products to you safely, cheaply and efficiently. Yet far too much plastic ends up in our environment. Global research has shown the flow of plastic into the ocean each year could triple by 2040. This has to stop.

So the approach to packaging is changing here. It's been a long process of  research and trial and error.  I spend a lot of time looking at things like compostable mailers and bags, only to discover that although they were branded as compostable you actually needed an industrial style composter rather than your average household compost heap. Things like this felt like they were paying lip-service to being green.  A nice idea but not really much better than plastic if at all.   A lot of the eco alternatives are also more expensive, so it's a big commitment for a small business like mine, but one which I think is worthwhile and something that I feel is morally the right choice.

So, just over a year ago our plastic mailers were replaced with paper mailers and now we've reviewed our entire business to significantly reduce or remove plastic at every stage from manufacture, transport, storage and postage to you. A big step has been removing our individual garment polybags from out entire business process. We've worked with our mum-run manufacturer to seek alternative ways to transport our garments safely. From now on all of our orders sent out to you will be completely plastic free. 

To ensure your products arrive to you safely I've been trialing this with UK orders to specific customers recently and we've had good feedback so it's being rolled out to every order now.  So, whether your order comes in a bag or a box our promise to you for 2022 is that there will be absolutely no plastic packaging with your order and every little bit of it can be recycled with your normal household recycling (or if your little ones are anything like mine can be used for junk modelling nd drawing!


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