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Support a small business

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Supporting a small business - hotMaMa breastfeeding clothes

When was the last time you shopped small? 

Well, if you're reading this then perhaps it wasn't so long ago. Whether it was an online purchase or a vising a local bricks and mortar store supporting any small business makes a big difference to the person behind the brand. Since becoming a mum I'verealised just how many small businesses are run by mums just like me, building mini business empires from their kitchen table, juggling parenting and business in between nap times and school runs. But supporting a small business doesn't just mean parting with your hard earned pennies and pounds, there are loads of different ways to support small business that matter just as much: 


1. Tell your friends and family about the business 

Original old school way to spread the word about a business before the days of social media is just to tell those around you about it. If you love it then chances are they will too! 

2. Like their posts on social media 

How long do you spend each day scrolling through content on social media? You probably read lots of great content from brands you love. Don't forget to like their posts so that future posts from the brand will stay visible to you...if you don't regularly interact with a small business (through likes, comments or saving posts) you'll find algorithms of social media will stop showing you posts from them and small businesses often end up finding that their posts just aren't getting seen by their audience, a quick like will make sure you stay in the loop with their brand. 

3. Comment on their posts 

A simple comment can really make someone's day. A lot of small business owners feel nervous about putting themselves out there on social media, putting their face and their work on show for the world to see and possibly judge is incredibly daunting. A simple comment can offer amazing words of encouragement the person behind the brand sometimes needs to keep at it! 

4. Get tagging 

Have a photo of a product you've bought? If you're uploading it to social media anyway why not tag the brand in to them know you love it? This isn't just great for the brand but for their other customers too. I know with clothing people love to see a top or a dress on people with different colouring and body shapes. It's also a lovely way for you to help generate brand trust for new customers, they see you like and trust this brand so it can encourage them to take the plunge and buy too! 

5. Say thanks 

You know that feeling you get when someone gives you a compliment on something you've worked really hard on? It makes your day, you smile from inside to out. A quick comment on social media or a private email can feel amazing for a little business – It makes my day when people take the time to drop a quick note of thanks! 

6. Subscribe to their newsletter 

Small businesses rarely bombard you with emails (unlike so many massive chains!) If they’re anything like me I just don’t have the time to send out endless emails, but when I do it’s something important I really want you to know about and genuinely think you’ll want to know about like a new product, sale or special offer.   

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